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Testing as a Service

Acutest's Testing as a Service is a solution that gives you best practice testing process without the pain and delay of in-house solutions. You quickly get to use ready-to-run tools pre-configured to operate proven testing processes. You avoid up front delays and costs to procure , set up and endless re-invention of the processes and tools to do the job. The capacity can scale to meet your need and, with use of Acutest's cloud resources, you are benefitting from the most cost effective and up to date technologies.

You may need to do this for an exceptional project, or it may be part of a strategic sourcing policy. You may have existing test teams in-house or from suppliers who know your applications and possibly your business too. But you need more visibility of what is happening in testing to manage your releases with more confidence and to get more value from your suppliers.

With this flexible solution you can choose the services you need:

  • Get a grip on what is actually happening with Reporting as a Service and be able to manage your test supplier and releases better, and engage your stakeholders more productively.
  • Give your test teams a productive workbench to perform their job; with Test Workbench set up in the cloud and pre-configured for proven effective test processes.
  • Run load tests using capacity from the cloud and performance testing experts with Load Cannon
  • Automate web application testing and equip your users to define the tests to run with Automation as a Service
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