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Sustainable test automation

Test automation can bring significant benefits, through speeding up testing or increasing test coverage and should be part of any effective testing solution. However, many of the available test automation services and approaches fail to deliver real value.

Test automation is the process of using software and environments to automatically execute test activity. Benefits of test automation include:

  • Reducing the time taken to executes tests
  • Reducing the manual resources needed to execute tests
  • Increasing the coverage of tested combinations and paths
  • Reducing common manual testing problems such as error prone complex tasks, test data preparations, monotonous activities, use of out of hours IT resources, repeatability and consistency

We have helped our clients achieve success through our unique test automation service, which combines:

  • Industry best practice
  • Experience with opensource and low cost proprietary test tools and development environments
  • Experience automating tests for a wide range of industries and technology platforms
  • Use of existing, flexible, reusable components that allow us to accelerate engagement
  • An approach that is driven by business value to provide sustainable test automation solutions
  • A service that enables those who are not test automation experts including your own business subject matter experts to write automated tests
Our proven and flexible approach and components can quickly provide value for your business: 
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