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Sprint finish : getting projects to deliver on time


IT delivery is getting harder

Is IT delivery getting harder? Technology is certainly growing ever more complex and diverse with greater interconnectivity and integration needs. And IT projects continue to underestimate the difficulty of IT change whilst over-estimating how close they are to completion. But this was ever so. The new ingredient making IT delivery more demanding is the customer expectation of faster release cycles with a higher quality user experience: trying to squeeze more into shorter timescales.

Resulting in project overruns and diminished benefits

Its not surprising that so many projects are struggling to meet their deadlines and deliver their business benefits. An article in Computer Weekly identified that the success rate for people who set out to climb Mount Everest is higher than the success rate of IT projects to meet their business case (25% compared to 16%). The obstacles facing these projects are not as formidable as Everest but they appear to be more difficult to conquer.

So we have developed Sprint Finish to combat late delivery

We have drawn on our experience over the last 15 years working on 1000's of IT projects to create a service to help projects that are overrunning: our Sprint Finish service. This service helps concentrate projects and accelerate delivery to meet deadlines by:

  • Focusing on what matters:

    We use Acutest's risk assessment approach to concentrate on the project elements with the highest business impact of failure and likelihood of failure.

  • Increasing productivity:

    We use Acutest's principle-centred testing approach to

    1. eliminate activities which are not contributing to getting across the finishing line; and
    2. initiate actions that increase the speed of testing, such as implementing appropriate test automation.
  • Taking informed decisions:

    We use Acutest's reporting framework to create timely management information from the wealth of data generated during testing to support decision making and help stakeholders determine the readiness of the system or service to go-live.

Please contact us to find out more about how Sprint Finish could help you

We use our collateral and cross-industry experience to accelerate engagement and value gained from any test activities, even when you believe you have left it too late to test. So if you are on a project which looks like it will miss key deadlines, please call us and see how Sprint Finish can help you in the dash to delivery and unlock information that will significantly improve the business and go live decisions.

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