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Specialist and non-functional testing

It is important to know how your product, system or service will operate before it is exposed to your customers. Aspects such as, will it perform well when many customers are using it, will it be secure, will it be reliable, is it usable by my target audience, is it easy to manage and does it meet appropriate regulations?

These are often called non-functional requirements and can typically be the most complex areas to test, poorly defined and left too late to test, leading to costly business damaging issues.

Our unique approach combines technical, testing and business expertise to focus on business value and allow you to make informed decisions at the right time. Our catalogue of non-functional requirements has been built over many years of experience and over 1000’s of projects across various industries and technologies (as a tool) to help refine, improve and fill in any gaps so that testing becomes more valuable and risks of damaging issues in live is significantly reduced.

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