Operation readiness testing (ORT)


Operation readiness testing aims to find defects in the business’s readiness rather than the system under test. It ensures that the business is ready for the system under test to go live.


To be successful, ORT should not be a ‘bolt on’ at the end of the testing lifecycle. It should start early enough to ensure that the operational procedures are well specified and that the testing phases find problems in the operation and business processes such that defects can be fixed without impacting the intended timescales.

The steps to successful ORT are as follows:

  • list all the operational aspects of the system

  • complete a review on all this material to ensure that it is complete and unambiguous

  • design tests to invoke all the material described

  • train the team in readiness for live operation

  • run the tests

  • collect the results, fix and re-run

Also see: Acceptance testing

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