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We work with clients across all sectors. Our customers range from startups through to blue chip multinational organisations.

We recognise that no two projects are the same and therefore tailor our approach for each assignment to match our client’s goals and culture.We have a large and flexible testing workforce, who bring with them excellent testing skills and industry specific knowledge, who are passionate about their chosen profession.

We have a large footprint in the following industries:

Our testing expertise and understanding of regulatory change has meant we have worked with many of the major banks and financial organisations, both in the UK and overseas.

Acutest’s approach to risk-based testing underpins a pragmatic view of how much should be tested. This enables us to mimic our customer’s view of risk when delivering new and changed IT systems.

Our flexible approach and experience means that we not only work with our financial services customer’s off-shore development and test team, but can also support the relocation of test teams to maximise success through reducing time to test and improved cost savings.

The customer journey – increasing your returning customers

We understand how to test retail systems. Acutest has worked with over 12,000 retail outlets, ensuring millions of customers have an enjoyable customer journey.

Our focus on testing the customer experience ensures success. We provide testing services that are delivered on time and work across all popular consumer platforms.

Our testing projects have covered everything from customer facing systems through to back-office systems, including delivery and logistics. We are committed to providing your customer with the best possible experience, ensuring they always return

Making smart decisions to reduce cost, time and improve quality

Our footprint in the public sector includes delivering testing solutions for the Government, NHS, police, Home Office and the Ministry of Defence.

We understand the challenges the public sector is facing. At the heart of all our projects is the same goal - to reduce costs, increase the speed of change and ensure a high level of quality.

We are experienced in working with a wide range of stakeholders and ensure delivery through governance. Several of our staff are secured cleared, making them quick to deploy and ensuring programme deadlines are met and results are deliverer.

Telecoms: Improving speed and quality to keep you connected

Our experience of technologies and telecoms infrastructure is built on over a decade of experience. We understand the challenges telecoms companies face. Our principles and practices solution is based on helping companies solve the key issues of speed of change, de-risking and efficiency.

We work with telecoms providers and suppliers, on various platforms testing and designing solutions to quickly deliver results and with confidence.

Media: being prepared and delivering a quality service every time

We have worked on projects that encompass the full range of new and old media. From managing the publication and distribution of books through to live TV and mobile devices. We understand the importance that testing plays in delivering a good quality service every time.

Our experience covers both commercial and public media organisations, with a good understanding of the challenges associated with content based organisations, including rights management, royalties, regional distribution and using cloud based services to deliver content to customers.


"CDAF is the most mature, working and practical implementation of continuous delivery I have seen"