HP Quality Center Overview

HP Quality Center: A scalable, unified platform for all aspects of application quality management

HP Quality Center is a unified platform that efficiently scales from a single project to multiple, enterprise-wide projects and releases. It enables you to manage application quality with consistent, repeatable processes regardless of your methodology of choice, from Waterfall to iterative methodologies such as Agile.

HP Quality Center supports requirements definition and management, release and cycle management, test planning and scheduling, defects management and reporting, all within a single platform with complete traceability driving collaboration between business analysts, QA, and development teams. HP Quality Center is a Web-based solution providing access to a steel thread of critical project information. This information bridges distributed teams in their related efforts to deliver high quality applications—regardless of geographic and organisational boundaries.

Main features are:

  • Requirements definition and management
  • Risk-based test planning and management
  • Quality release and cycle management
  • Version control
  • Baselining
  • Test scheduling and execution
  • HP Sprinter: integrated manual testing
  • Defect management
  • Developer collaboration
  • Reporting and graphing
  • Agile quality management

Extract from HP QC Datasheet

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