Testing with VSTS

Professional testers have two key goals: to validate the quality of an application and to help improve the quality of that application. Many issues come into play, which make these two straightforward goals very difficult to accomplish. Much testing effort is wasted on necessary repetition, unclear test prioritization and downright human error. These common issues make testing ineffective and inefficient.

For example, what makes a good bug? Why is one bug actionable and another isn’t? Why is information that is good enough for one problem not good enough for another? Bugs filed without enough information cause deterioration in the relationship between developers and testers, which causes a downward spiral in communication and collaboration. This is just one aspect of testing. Testers often have a difficult time reporting on the quality of an application because there is no holistic view it. Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 is designed to bridge these types of gaps that exist in many software development environments and to help ensure that software is released with the highest quality.

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