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Faraway in time, back in 2009, we set up a cloud-based load testing service, eventually settling upon Rackspace's cloud. Apart from the obvious advantage of having a ready-to-go service available immediately, the real benefit of this testing service was that it could be scaled dynamically and it could generate massive spikes in usage, if required.

Last week came the announcement that TestPlant have released V6 of their performance testing tool, and it includes functionality to dynamically set up load injectors from cloud service providers Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

This is more than just an example of successful innovation today becoming commodity tomorrow (or in this case, after half-a-dozen years). That is old hat. After all, Karl Marx wrote about the laws of diminishing returns and commoditisation long before computers existed. What this shows is why you can't sit still in the world of testing IT based products and services. Technology, like the river, moves relentlessly on.

And it's not just technology. Client cultures, business objectives and their products and services; IT approaches and methods; organisation structure and work practices; regulation; the skills needed in this environment. All of things are constantly changing. Which means we have to keep learning, creating and adapting to succeed in this world. And that, in a nutshell, is why we love consulting in the testing world. We want to keep advancing and innovating and our marketplace wants that too. (Incidentally, if you want an insight into our latest approaches and testing services and how you could benefit from them, please contact us).

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We recently looked at a list of our competitors from when we started in the software testing business back in 2002. Only three on that list still exist. As W.E. Deming said "It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory"

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