Multiple browser support added to web and mobile performance monitoring

SmartBear have upgraded their mobile and web performance monitoring solution, AlertSite, to support testing on the Firefox and the Internet Explorer browsers. These are the most popular browsers and this tool enhancement allows companies to test and monitor their web-sites to determine the performance of the customer experience.

Ken Godskind, VPof Monitoring Solutions for SmartBear Software, said, "Today there are more browser options than ever, and each browser has very unique qualities that can impact load times of your application. We realize the importance for online businesses to know exactly how their website is performing no matter which browser their customers prefer, and today, Internet Explorer and Firefox have the largest share of the browser market. Our website monitoring service offers a fast and simple way for users to get a multi-browser snapshot of their website's performance to help them manage the user experience. We plan to add new browsers in the coming months as we continue to provide our customers with the most comprehensive insight to improve their online performance."

There is more information about AlertSite Multi-Browser Support here. and a free 30-days trial available. There is also a webinar on 1st December 2011, on How to Start Monitoring Your Website with Internet Explorer

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