Infrastructure Test Optimisation

From an interview with the CEO of Spirent in Network World.

Spirent continues to partner with best-in-class organizations to distribute and enhance our solutions. For instance, we work with Anue Systems, a leader in next-generation data communications testing, to offer network emulators which simulate delay and impairments that occur on real-world networks.

Most recently we've partnered with IBM Rational to address the Infrastructure Test Optimization, or ITO, space. Spirent iTest brings integration, automation and collaboration to infrastructure testing, while Spirent TestCenter contributes unsurpassed emulation of real-world scenarios. Combining these with the IBM Rational Quality Manager's full-lifecycle traceability and visibility enables our customers to bring quality products to market faster, significantly reducing business risk.

Spirent remains committed to working with the best companies to deliver the most complete test solutions and partnerships such as these play a role in allowing us to achieve this goal.

IBM test tool = Rational Performance Tester

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