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We launched our winter fitness programme on Monday. Last year we ran a fitness campaign for the first time: Every Step Counts. It had two aims

  • to help us keep fit in the cold winter months, when it's easy to pile on the pounds
  • to raise money for charity

We had 30 of us taking part and we just counted our steps each week on pedometers. As you'd expect with consultants, it was competitive with a league table and targets for the collective number of steps. Strangely, wearing a pedometer can create a sort of walking addiction. The majority of us believe we walked a lot more, simply because of the pedometer. During the programme we walked the equivalent of three quarters of the way around the world and donated £6,000 to charity.

Every Calorie Counts is similar but with the obvious difference that we are counting calories rather than steps, so we've got a new device to carry around. There will also be two tables, as men and women burn calories at different rates. Let's hope its as much fun and as beneficial as last year's programme.

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