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What is the point of DevOps?

The point is DevOps makes better quality and faster software deliveries, according to the findings of this survey in ZdNet

Apart from the benefits of more frequent software releases and more customers using the services, the survey identified tangible benefits in software testing and quality assurance. For a start, 36 percent of organisations reported improvements in quality and performance of applications. The average rate of improvement seen with DevOps in these testing related areas is also interesting:

  • Less time spent fixing and maintaining applications (21 percent)
  • Better quality and performance of deployed applications (19 percent)
  • Reduced costs in development, testing or operations (19 percent)

In the list of tools that best help to get things working in DevOps, functional testing tools ranked third and performance testing tools ranked fifth. Of course, these tools need to be used appropriately: all the disciplines of writing and releasing software apply to process of developing, executing and maintaining automated tests. And in the same way that there is no point in developing features that no one will use, there’s no value in automating low value tests (or aiming for 100 per cent test coverage).

Finally, the survey found that companies adopting DevOps are more likely to invest in people and tools over the next year with 63 percent hiring new resources with the right mix of skills, followed by 51 percent engaging a consulting firm.

Incorporating testing and quality assurance effectively into the DevOps world can be challenging. With our specialist testing services we can help you meet this challenge. Whether its to train your teams on a broad range of testing techniques; set up reliable testing and QA processes; provide a clear and constant view of the quality and status of the development; help you select and implement test tools; execute continuous testing and leverage the benefits of tests automation, or provide specialist services such as performance testing, we have a broad portfolio of testing services to support you.

So if you’re one of the 51 percent of organisations looking for consultancy help in DevOps, please contact us.

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