Acutest provide a full portfolio of services for organisations that are carrying out User Acceptance Testing (UAT). These range from advice and support through to a full managed service. And we have applied these services for a huge range of situations across all the main business sectors. These include UAT of large highly configurable packages (such as SAP or Oracle Financials) to small bespoke systems. Our services include:

    UAT improvement planning: If your user acceptance testing isn't delivering or if you are unsure about how to proceed with UAT we can help. Our specialist consultants with assess your situation and using our proven approach, create a tailor-made plan that meets your organisational needs.

    User Acceptance Test training. If you want to improve your internal capabilities we provide training courses and workshops. These cover how to create a UAT plan, review user requirements, create test cases and test packs that mirror realistic business scenarios and priorities, execute tests and report clearly on progress.

    UAT resource management: If your own resources are stretched we can help you. Often the pressures of business prevent resources being made available for user acceptance. We can provide experienced teams to meet this shortfall. And we can help flex the size of the team, through our virtual test team approach, to match the demand profile.

    Specialist testing for the User Acceptance Test: Acceptance Criteria include non-functional requirements which will require specialist testing. These include load, stress and performance testing; security and business continuity testing; and usability testing. If you don't have the specialist test skills needed, wee can help you meet all through our specialist testing services.

    Managing the User Acceptance Test: If you are looking for experienced programme test management for your UAT, we can help. Our consultants have led very large scale and complex UATs and, coupled with our proven techniques and testing techniques, we will provide the leadership needed for an effective user acceptance test.

    A full managed UAT service: If you are looking to outsource the whole user acceptance test, we can provide a full managed service to meet this need. This includes test management and leadership, test planning and execution, automated test tools, programme reporting service and specialists testing services (such as a failover stress test).

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