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Websites simply must work. Failures can damage corporate images, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and (for e-commerce) lead to direct loss of revenue. Given this importance, Web-sites (and web services or web applications) need to be tested. And this is where the challenges start.

  • The people visiting your web site are using a plethora of different end user environments. Different technologies, different media and different devices.
  • Website changes and launches are marketing driven and this means tight deadlines that must be met. So being able to test quickly is key, and that requires testing skill and experience.
  • It’s difficult for you to test something you built yourself, as anyone who proofs their own documents knows: you tend to see what you believe is there, not what is actually there.
  • It’s also difficult for the team that built the website to change their focus to that of a customer. You need to test what can be done to the site, rather than does it just meet the requirements. And that means doing negative testing before somebody with possibly malicious intent finds possible exploitable errors in your site.
  • You don’t want your website to fail when it gets a lot of users but testing how it copes under load can be very complex.

The Acutest test lab

To meet these needs we built our web testing lab. Our independent testing service will

    Make sure your web application or site works in your customers' end user environments. Our test lab contains the equipment needed to recreate your end user environments. Our fast and efficient compatibility testing service will select from this extensive inventory of different combinations to find any defects in those environments that your customers and visitors use.

    Make sure it works for the customer. Our customer experience testing and usability testing services will ensure the service you provide works for the customer from how easy it is to use at the HCI interface to end-to-end testing including fulfilment.

    Get your web application to market faster. By using testing specialists we can reduce the time needed to test a web application. Testing expertise ensures that we will use the right techniques and methods, such as exploratory testing, to find defects quickly. Technical expertise ensures that compatibility testing environments can be utilised (the most popular environments are already pre-configured) or created quickly for testing.

    Fix any web performance issues before you launch. Using our web load testing service we can help you identify any issues or bottlenecks so these can be corrected before you go live.

More detail on our lab testing and compatibility testing.

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