Scalability test tool

SilkPerformer® is a performance testing tool from Micro Focus. Originally built by Segue it was merged into Borland and then joined the Micro Focus suite of products when they purchased Borland. SilkPerformer is designed for optimising the performance, scalability and reliability of mission-critical enterprise applications. SilkPerformer can simulate thousands of simultaneous users working with multiple computing environments and interacting with various application environments such as Web, client/server, Citrix MetaFrame, or ERP/CRM systems (including SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Siebel, Chordiant and e.Piphany)

SilkPerformer enables the creation of realistic load tests to help find and fix bottlenecks, and speed up delivery of high-performance applications. It also enables performance testing with a range of middleware and application servers (including CORBA, EJBs -BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Java RMI, .NET Remoting, (D)COM (COM+, MTS, COM, ADO, Active X, etc.), Tuxedo (ATMI, JOLT), Oracle Forms and SAP NetWeaver.

Acutest is a Micro Focus partner.

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