Testing ROI (Return On Investment)

Test management doesn't end with managing the tasks and the information. Many large projects settle for less than they deserve from the testing because of the way in which the testing is organised and the test team led. You don't need testing specialists to carry out a lot of the execution. With clear guidance & coaching and strong management & drive we can turn non-testers into an effective testing unit.

The test team isn't just limited to the staff doing the test execution. A host of related activities can be improved from a testing perspective.

For example, the analysts and designers can be shown how to deal with ambiguities and omissions in their documents before they are set into code; or programmers can be coached to produce unit test information that can roll straight into system test, reducing the amount of time and effort spent on that stage.

By managing the people effectively we will improve the morale, skill and focus of the test team, leading to better return on investment from the testing budget.

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