Performance & stress testing tool

QALoad is a performance testing tool from Micro Focus can be used to perform repeatable load testing and determine the ultimate performance and potential limits of a system. QALoad was formerly part of Compuware's QA testing toolset. Micro Focus is not promoting this tool any more but are promoting Silk Performer, the load testing tool they acquired from Borland.

QALoad Overview

QALoad allows you to:

  • Easily measure an application’s scalability and performance beyond peak load
  • Conduct application performance testing to pinpoint the causes of availability problems

QALoad uses a scripting language - EasyScript - to increase the productivity of performance testing specialists. This supports applications (Oracle Forms Server and SAP), distributed technologies (Citrix, Java, .Net, Winsock) and web application protocols (HTTP, SOAP).

Additional QALoad information

QALoad is no longer available for new customers. Micro Focus still provide services for existing QALoad customers for example:

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