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Load Testing for Web Applications has evolved from the former Empirix tool e-load, which was acquired by Oracle in 2008. Unsurprisingly, it focuses on testing web applications, not just load testing though - it can conduct scalability, performance and stress testing.

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Oracle Load Testing Overview

This tool is a component of the Oracle Application Testing Suite, which is at the core of the Oracle Enterprise Manager solution for testing Web and service oriented architecture (SOA) –based applications. The Application Testing Suite is, itself, a component of Oracle’s Systems and Application Management (SAM) solutions.

This tool allows users to create representative usage scenarios quickly. These test scripts can then be run at different loads to determine how the web-enabled application will perform without having to invest in substantial hardware.

Load Testing for Web Applications has add on Accelerators that provide customised functionality to enable faster and easier automated load testing for specific applications or technologies. These currently cover Web Services and Siebel CRM applications, with others planned for release, such as an Oracle Forms Accelerator.

Additional Load Testing for Web Applications information

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