Delivering testing benefits

Knowing what needs to be done is important, but it's not the same as doing what needs to be done. Acutest's services include providing the test management team and specialist testers to enable you to turn plans into reality.

Our test management teams have delivered assignments with test teams ranging from a few testers and users to groups of over 100 testers.

Our management techniques ensure that there is full transparency of the testing activity. We will extract summary management information from the testing results to help monitor the state of the project and forecast the likely progress.

The information is presented clearly, concisely and when you need it. Well presented information gives project teams control. Knowledge of the test results to date, and the forecasts of likely future results mean that our customers can make effective, informed management decisions.

In particular, the go/no-go decision points in a project, or contractual milestones, or resource ramp downs are supported by objective evidence.

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