Acutest’s testing experience in telecoms covers the entire range of technologies and infrastructure required to support a large country: Indeed the test environments alone of one of our customers is sufficient to satisfy a small country's telecoms requirements. Our staff managed the testing of the full range of services, including intelligent network call management, CTI, contact centres, voice, data, multi-media and broadband.

We have worked on a wide range of platforms including Cisco, Nortel, Alcatel and Huawei; testing over copper, fibre and wireless. When working with suppliers to telecom companies, we have been able to shorten testing timescales and increase the confidence that the service will work well: both during integration testing within the telco and for the live customers.

Working with one operator, we set up a testing centre of excellence, ensuring that testing was completed in an appropriate but consistent manner and ensuring that consolidated reports showing status and progress of testing could be reported clearly back to senior management. The cost savings were dramatic.

Within the Acutest Accelerator, we have the tools and techniques that enable us to test telecoms solutions quickly and efficiently. Combined with our experience in managing large test teams, we have the capability of helping our customers deliver quickly and with confidence.


Acutest has worked on projects which encompass the full range of new and old media from managing the publication and distribution of books through to live TV with advertisements in the home and video on mobile devices. Our teams understand the importance the part testing plays in delivering the confidence in services having to work perfectly all day every day.

The range of services we have tested include:

  • a large broadcaster moving offices and at the same time from analogue to digital, focusing on the end to end testing of capturing, editing, programming and transmission in the digital format
  • a newspaper delivering paid-for content on the web
  • a TV company supporting video on a wide range of PCs, games machines and mobile devices

In working with both commercial and public media organisations, we understand the issues associated with content based organisations, including rights management, royalties, regional distribution and using cloud based services to deliver content to the customers.

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