Acutest Testing

Our specialist testing services consist of both technical testing services and business oriented testing services. At Acutest, we have invested in developing our skills in these non functional test areas and creating our own frameworks and tools which help us deliver quickly and efficiently. We also have experience of a wealth of different commercially available testing tools & products and the environments & situations in which they best add value to these non-functional testing disciplines.

Either as a managed testing service, as part of an assignment or through our virtual test teams, we provide specialist testing services including:

Performance testing

including load testing, stress testing, scalability testing and performance monitoring services

Migration testing

including data conversion and application or infrastructure migration

Automated software testing

including testing tool evaluation and implementation

Security testing

including penetration testing, BS 7799 audits, threat assessments and risk analysis

Web testing

including a full set of test lab services such as compatibility and interoperability testing

Mobile device testing

including digital device testing on smartphones and mobile tablets

Usability testing

including lab based testing using customer representatives and expert assessments

Business continuity testing

including resilience and failover testing

Disaster recovery testing

including backup and recovery testing

Network testing

including network performance testing, performance monitoring and network tuning

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