Software testing outsourcing means different things to different people. It can range from bringing in an extra resource to moving responsibility for testing to an external organisation. At Acutest we provide a number of outsourced options.

Virtual test team outsourcing

Our virtual test team service allows you to bring in specialist software testing services and resources as they are needed. This can range from bringing in an expert for a particular assignment (such as conducting a penetration test) to providing a managed testing service.

Outsourced software testing service

This is a full service to support all the ongoing software testing needs of an organisation or business unit. It usually incorporates test management, functional testing and specialist test services as required. An example of this is here.

Programme testing outsource service

This is a outsourced service for an organisation that wants to outsource all their software testing and assurance activities for a particular initiative or programme. An example of this is the services we provided to test and assure the business processes and IT systems for the creation of a large organisation.

Offshore outsource improvement

Many organisations have offshored their software testing with varying degrees of success. Some have worked well. Many others have struggled and it is not uncommon to find organisations that have onshored their offshore resources or are simply having difficulty realising the value from these outsource deals that the business case outlined.

We have provided our offshore testing improvement service to a number or organisation across different sectors to help them improve their results and migrate back offshore their software testing activities.

See the industries and technologies with which we have worked:

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