Quality & test management tool

HP Quality Center (formerly Mercury TestDirector) is the market leading QA & test management tool. Acutest is a Gold Partner for HP Software

QC (Quality Center) overview

QC (Quality Center) is a web based Test Management Tool. It supports an effective and efficient global application testing process, that includes high levels of communication and collaboration across geographically distributed testing teams.
The main modules of HP Quality Center are:

  • Requirements Management
  • Release and Cycle Management
  • Test Plan
  • Test Lab
  • Defects Management
  • Dashboard Reporting

These modules are tightly integrated with each other. They also support additional modules such as HP BPT (Business Process Testing), SAP and SOA extensions, and functional test components, such as QTP (QuickTest Professional).

Additional Quality Center (QC) information

For additional information on Quality Center, TestDirector and the additional modules:

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