Some of our most challenging and time-critical projects have been in the public sector. With strict limits on resources, projects are often driven by regulatory change. For all these changes: time, money and quality really matter.

Working across many industry sectors has included delivering testing solutions for government, the NHS, police forces and the MOD. We’ve tested IT projects ranging from the obviously high-technology air-traffic-control service to the seemingly more staid library service (where the impact of IT is not to be underestimated).

All of these projects shared the goals of reducing the cost of change, increasing the speed of change and reporting progress clearly, thus helping a wide range of stakeholders retain their interest in ensuring the delivery through their governance. Working closely with our customers, we have been able to pre-empt possible problems (such as performance issues) by testing early and cost effectively.

Typically, our public sector customers take greater advantage of our security cleared staff, since there is then no delay in Acutest delivering test management services, the accelerator toolkit and our load cannon to them.

See the industries and technologies with which we have worked:

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