Acutest Testing
On many programmes and large projects, testing will take up a significant portion of the budget. But it will receive less management attention than an activity of this size warrants. At Acutest, we help programme and project managers define what they want to achieve from testing; deliver the testing benefits and maximise the return on the resources used.

And testing is not just about reducing risk - it is also about increasing control. By aligning the testing objectives with the business objectives and by increasing the effectiveness of testing both can be delivered.

For example:

  • including testing expertise in the contractual definitions for the system or service and the acceptance processes can significantly reduce the delivery risks
  • providing objective and accurate information on risks, issues and milestones throughout the project lifecycle can significantly increase control.

And this clarity enables managers to make informed and timely choices as the project proceeds. Effective testing services improve the outcome and the journey to create it.

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