Acutest has been working testing IPTV delivery systems, set-top boxes and browser based TV systems delivering TV programmes to homes and mobile devices for many years.

Our experience extends from early proprietary TV systems requiring fixed bandwidth and a specially designed set top box through to testing the most popular IPTV system on the iPad in the period before the iPad was available in the UK.

Not only have we tested on the widest range of PCs, browsers, gaming and mobile devices; but we have also tested content servers, delivery channels, the customer experience and operation with limited bandwidth. Our consultants have the experience and intuition to focus effort on the behaviour of the IPTV products and services that will matter to viewers.

Our teams have tested many IPTV releases, where millions of customers would have noticed if the service was not working well. We enabled ambitious release schedules to be met by “catching up” and making the testing phase take less time when deliverables have been made late. Our expertise has enabled us to find subtle but serious problems to be found early in the development lifecycle rather than later (which would have been the situation if a more traditional approach had been used).

When managing IPTV testing, we have successfully used lower cost, off-shore resources: helping our customers deliver new products and TV services more quickly and economically.

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