"With thousands of people using our online educational services every day, the performance and reliability of our Web based applications is critical to our success as a business. The portals have to be able to cope with heavy loads and we need to be able to provide assurances to our clients that the applications will scale to meet their needs. With the development of the performance test centre we’ll be able to further reduce the risk of deploying new applications, in addition to reducing testing time and cost over the next three years.”
Charlie Jones, CTO of Granada Learning

Granada Learning, a leading educational multimedia company needed to validate performance across new versions of Granada Learning’s enterprise learning management system - LearnWise.


The new performance test centre enables Granada Learning to ensure that all future releases of existing products and new products are able to perform effectively under heavy load. Acutest built the test centre using Compuware's QALoad as the main performance testing tool. Acutest used testing best practices and processes within the centre and carried out a knowledge transfer exercise around these practices to internal staff at Granada Learning. Over time Granada Learning will increase the knowledge about the quality and performance of its applications and use this data/information to reduce testing times when releasing updates to existing products.


Organisations might be aware of the importance of testing but often they face commercial pressure to go-live with applications before testing is complete. Acutest’s risk-based testing approach, enabled Granada Learning to balance performance risks against testing time and cost, so they can make informed decisions about when to go-live with applications.

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