There are very few organisations in the UK today that do all their IT activities in house. They virtually all use the services of third party suppliers to provide software applications, system development and integration, IT infrastructure, operational management and maintenance, change management and a host of other specialisms.

These supply-side third parties range from huge multi-nationals to one man companies. One thing they have in common with each other, and at odds with an in house team, is that they do not share the same business goals, culture or understanding as the client and these differences can lead to unwanted outcomes.

At Acutest we have developed a range of client-side assurance services to help our customers minimise these risks and provide clarity about the real status of a product development or change initiatives. Our client side assurance reviews will determine how effective, appropriate and aligned the testing activities being undertaken are throughout a change lifecycle or development.

Other client side services range from early lifecycle activities, such as creating appropriate acceptance criteria and processes, to managing multi-supplier and customer testing teams for UAT, and benchmarking assessments of outsourced activities.

For more information about how we can help reduce the risks of multiple third party projects and outsourced initiatives contact us.

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