Acceptance testing is a critical phase for any business introducing new services or products. At Acutest, we have a wealth of experience helping organisations to manage and reduce the risks associated with acceptance testing. We implement innovative and practical solutions to manage testing, provide effective supplier engagement and ensure that there is confidence to go-live when its needed.

We know that acceptance testing presents many organisations with a host of challenges. Its not a normal part of their core business so they may find they:

  • don't have suitable processes or testing tools to support acceptance testing
  • have difficulty planning the acceptance test phase, determining the resource needs and managing it, resulting in low confidence that the go-live date will be met
  • aren't sure that their tests actually demonstrate that the system is fit for purpose
  • duplicate activities that have already been conducted, wasting time and money
  • can't provide clear reports on the testing activities and the outcomes of testing
  • don't have the resources available with the required skills

Acceptance test support

Acutest can help you deal with all these problems.

We can get your acceptance testing back on track if it is not delivering what you need. We will identify the actions needed through a rapid test improvement assessment, create a clear plan and move quickly to implement it. Our approach will use the wealth of building blocks in the Acutest Accelerator (such as our frameworks, methods, tools, processes, automation facilities and cloud-based testing capability) to save you time and money whilst building confidence through an approach which is proven to work.

Depending upon your situation, we can:

    Help you and your supplier deliver the system you need by making your acceptance criteria robust, complete, measurable and achievable. This is particularly important for non-functional criteria such as performance, load, security, resilience and usability criteria.

    Ensure confidence in your testing by transforming your reporting to provide clarity on how your testing is progressing and how confident you should be of your system’s readiness.

    Improve your capabilities to run an efficient and effective acceptance test by identifying any training needs; then either providing training such as our UAT (User acceptance testing training courseor our testing training workshops, or delivering an acceptance testing managed service, which includes test management, test execution, automated test tools and specialists as required (through our virtual test team approach).

    Reduce the time and cost required for acceptance testing by implementing our Acutest Accelerator framework which includes a supplier engagement framework aimed at aligning motivations in acceptance testing
    and a series of techniques aimed to help you succeed when there’s little time to test.

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